First Forays into Physicianship

First post.

Oh, the power.

In August 2015, I will start my first day of medical school.  Before then, I have some plans/changes on the horizon.  Last week I left my job as a medical scribe to nanny full-time in Logan Square.  I’m loving it.  Then, in one month exactly, I’ll have one whole week of freedom before zipping off to Japan for a month of sister-sister bonding time, then BFF-bonding time and then whisking myself back home (tiny airplane wine bottles in tow).  I’ll spend around 3 weeks trapezing around Chicagoland and then move closer to school.

Change!  Change!  Oh, I love the change.  Transitions are my speciality, as I get easily bored and require constant distractions.  My solution?  Four years of medical school to challenge, amuse, distract and intrigue me.  I could not be more ecstatic and ready.

For now, good night and good luck.

Atlas Shrugged - NYC
Atlas Shrugged – NYC  (Aka. The Ayn Rand tribute)

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