New Waves

Does it make me a hipster if I walk into a coffeeshop after work and blog?  Does it make me a nerd if I blog about medical school and healthcare?  Does it make me superficial if I blog about myself?  I suppose that the thing that most of us knows best.  I am nearly 100% positive that it doesn’t make me a coffee snob if I order decaf.  The cashier’s disapproving look affirmed that.  It’s amazing the pretentiousness that comes with even the most bland of coffeeshops.  More amazing is the brand that comes with the not-so-bland ones.  My mental capacity scoffs.  And then I feel like one of them…critical of their critical-ness.

It seems appropriate to post while stopping by a cafe in Logan Square around 5:00pm as I watch the bikers and hybrids return from work in the Loop or otherwise.  They are anxious to get home.  I take my time.  My life seems so different than them.  They probably have families to zoom home too.  Little children ages 2 and 6 who are the equal blend of adorable and annoying that you can’t help but be continually amused and frustrated.  I’m sure they have lots of family photos on their walls.  And a miniscule backyard.  Don’t we all want that?  In a safe neighborhood with privacy and enough income to aggregate a savings account and start a Roth IRA.  I wonder what it means if you don’t want those things?  If you can appreciate the organization and structure of another’s life without actually desiring to make it your own.  The IKEA furniture and sterile countertops make me miss the chaos of Afrikan daladalas all the more.  My soul sighs more than a little and I settle myself into the habit of convincing myself that I’m content in my own situation.  Additionally, I find comfort in the fact that I will never stay in one place too long.  Medical school is going to be a looong four years in many ways, but this  data on my physical stagnation seems the most daunting.  I am forced to reside in one city for this time.

Then residency starts looking really good…


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