There’s a drastic skew in the way that we look at food in this country.  Not only because we eat like it’s a hobby or social necessity, but also the way that we talk about food to our friends and family.  We say things like “I was so bad.” “I shouldn’t eat this.”  “It’s a special occasion so I ate whatever I wanted.”  But the problem is that most of us, I would gather, say or think some version of this on a daily basis.  We are aware that things are unhealthy.  Or, even if we aren’t fully aware, we have some idea of what makes us feel good and what makes us feel bad.  And yet we still go around with this attitude like even though we know, we are going to indulge anyways because “we deserve it.”  It’s sad and contributes to our obesity and unhappy lifestyles.

Is it possible to change our attitude about food?



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