Once upon a time, there was a boy with a very big heart, bigger than anyone else’s in the entire world.

Everyday he carried it around where ever he went and loved it, until some people started commenting on how massive it was.  He realized how abnormally large and heavy it really was.  Therefore, he decided to find someone to help him carry this weight.  After much trying, no one was willing or able.  So he set it down for awhile and made up his mind to pick it back up when he was stronger. He roamed the city for a few years, making new friends, dating new people and seeing what loneliness was like in between.  Sometimes, he missed his big heart, but the more that he binged on Netflix, gorged on facebook and  drank to his (imaginary) heart’s desire, the less he missed it.

“One day, I’ll be strong enough,” he told himself time and time again, never fully convinced.

Meanwhile, a girl found the abandoned large heart on edge of the street.  Dusty, dingy and still beating, she picked it up to see how it fit.

For you see, this girl had been searching for a big heart for a very long time.  She tried finding one in her job, in her boyfriends, in her hometown and in her running, but nothing quite satiated her need.  Forelorn, she finally came to the conclusion that she would just have to find within herself the strength to carry a big heart.

So, that’s what she did.

Day in and day out, she spent time in her own head and body, making a place for the biggest heart in the entire world, should she ever find one.  The more she did this, the more she realized she would only share a big heart within someone who deserved its weight.

Thus, when she came upon this solitary, enourmous heart waiting at the tree-lined corner, she knew it was finally time.  She was ready.  Seizing it up, she was overjoyed to spread her new found love for the world with an unprecedented bravado and energy.  She smiled at everyone she passed – contemplating little plans and speckles of dreams to improve all the problems around her.

All the while, the original owner of that incredibly huge heart, after searching for meaning in all the wrong places, decided to attempt to reunite with his heart in hopes of that maybe it would somehow fit.  Returning to the edge of the corner, he stood aghast.  No heart was in sight.  Especially not a big one.  But then, walking poised along the sidewalk was a girl with a uniquely effervescent glow and beautiful intentions.

“She has my heart!” he exclaimed, and dashed towards her.

Hearing his pleas, she spun around in one smooth twirl until they were eye to eye and then he realized what he’d been missing.  This girl knew the secret to holding a big heart: it lay within his own desire and self-worth.  Right then, he was finally able to believe that he had the power within himself to find the space and strength to love the entire world.  He knew it would not be easy, he knew that he would not always want to, but, he also knew that once he reached this realization, his life would never be complete and his big heart could never return until he strived to become this man.

And so he did.

To this day, he still strives.  Sometimes, when he wavers, the girl helps remind him of his capacity.  Other times, when she wavers, he does the same.  Even now, if you look hard enough, you’ll see them both wandering around together – carrying the weight of big hearts within themselves and letting their fingertips intertwine as they glow for the world.

If one day you see a big heart lying on the edge of a tree-lined street, be not afraid to pick it up.  It may just have been left there for you.

“All roads go to where there are people.”

-Antoine De Saint-Exupéry

(The Little Prince)

Photocredit: Rinian at Deviant Art


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