Why should you care about social justice?

Why should you care about racial and economic inequalities?

Why should you stop, think and give a second look when evil people take advantage of vulnerable populations?

Once upon a time, I was given some words of wisdom.  I was told that when you’re fighting for positive change and trying to engage in social discourse, there are many things that will get in the way.  You will get too busy.   Your friends won’t care as much as you.  You’ll run out of energy and drive.  You’ll hear about another shooting, another unjust bill being passed, another corrupt official and feel that this is going nowhere.   You are going no where.

Becoming disheartened is inevitable and normal.  However, how you chose to respond is important.  You will need to remind yourself why you care.  Why you are doing what you do.  Why you try.  The answer will most likley be that no matter what else comes into play- money, power, fame- it is right.

Health, healthcare, and life are all human rights.

You’ll need to remember that innate sense of being that pulled you into this arena in the first place.  You will grasp tightly at the intrinsic idea that you are working for what needs to be done.  No, you will not change the world.  No, you will not become famous.  No, you will never be brilliant.  But, you will be striving for and speaking out against the things that are wrong in our society.  And that will need to be enough.  It is enough.

These photos are from the White Coats 4 Black Lives Die-In in Chicago this past December.

[Photocredit: Hunter Holt]


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