Being Local

So glamorous
Reveling in their own experience
Pretend to initiate discourse
And desires
The beauty
The nuances
The culture
Down the street, across the block, up the L
At home
Less life streaming from glam and glitz
Feels more harsh, more honest, more painful
The language is no longer foreign
Uncomfortable talking
Of familiar things
But through the neighbor
Hostels ellude your grasp
Bed is more enticing

Addicting escape
Fuck-ups become real
Attribution to cultural discord and misunderstanding
Finally finding the piont

For culture
For people
For life
Dreams made true in the fruit of sincerity
I look back within, around
And belong


This article does a phenomenal job of explaining why you should focus on the problems and issues at home before you consider going abroad to volunteer or work in development.  It does a great job explaining how these things cause real harm to the societies they are trying to help.

Look locally. Much exists if you simply start asking.


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