Medicine in Action Dinner

My classmate and I held our last Medicine in Action (MiA) dinner last night.  The purpose of these dinners is to bring in influential, innovative speakers that have spent their time, and sometimes, their careers dedicated to social justice initiatives. Our first speaker last year was Jamie Kalven, the journalist that sued the city of Chicago to get the dashboard video of the horrendous shooting of Lacquan McDonald released.  Most recently we hosted Dr. Susan Rogers to speak about her work as a black, woman physician at Cook County and how’s she’s remained an active advocate for Single Payer (Medicare-For-All).

The best piece of advice for my future career has come from these dinners.  I’ve heard repeatedly that activism needs to be done through a lens that you find joy in (ie. writing, speaking, drawing) otherwise it will seem like work and you’ll get disheartened.  There are many people and reasons preventing people from speaking up about and working towards the things that they hold dear, and there always will be.

Onwards to the next battle: fighting to care about USMLE Step 1 with all the other shit flurrying around my head in this post-election world.



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