My pain is the chasm that keeps us apart.  I let the tears fall singularly in an attempt to prevent the heartache from seeping its evil teeth into our relationship.  It does none-the-less.

We’ve been here before.  The supple sounds of sexism driving us apart.  I don’t know how to fix it and that scares me.  I love you. I don’t want to lose you.  This joy, this comfort, this love is something I’ve never known before.  I’m so grateful for the glimpse that fear of consumes me.  What if I lose it?  What if I break?  Forever forgotten forays will bring about the sweet lullaby of heart break.

I love you none the less.  Despite the things we don’t understand.  Despite my beliefs holding me firmly in the sorrows of misunderstanding.  Misogyny abounds is this broken world and to be alone is pain.

Pain can be worth the aim, worth the battles, worth the blame.  Because, in the end, it will happen anywhere and your love, your embrace, your protection, your soul is so beautifully profound that I embrace its unique love with laughter and longing.

I love you.  And it is worth the pain.


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